Sunday, January 22, 2012

Happy Sunday!!!

"Trail Bridge Over Creek"
Happy Sunday, my friends.  This is my day with my humans. And, I just love it.  First, Dad takes me for a really long walk- it's usually our 2-3 miler.  Dad comes home tired and I want to play fetch- go figure.

Then, they go to church and have some lunch somewhere.  Don't know why they don't take me, because I definitely believe in God. But, lunch at a restaurant for humans, is really beneath me- not up to par for my taste buds.  And, you know what food like that can do!

"Elderberry Woods Trail"
After lunch, my humans take their naps and rest.  This is where my fun starts.  I get to curl up with Dad and Mom and nap too.  When Dad wakes up, depending on the weather, we'll either go for another walk or we'll do some gardening in the backyard.  Either way, it's more attention for me than normal- it's my day.  after God, that is!!


Unknown said...

I bet you love your long walks! I'm considered a "senior citizen" now, so we do short walks but no more long walks. You know, the usual problems--the hips just don't work the way they used to.
Enjoy your walks!

Allen Pearson said...

Yeah, I especially had fun this time- ice and snow everywhere and my human just slid along the way! It was funny!! Enjoy your walks- it's great to get out anyway you can.