Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Friday's Friend and other stuff

I love when Dad's turns on the computer and let's me write.  But, why does he turn on the parent controls for?  Guess he wants to be in more control than he really is but, its probably for the best.

Anyway, exciting news.  To give you a break from hearing about me all the time, which it's really all about me, but not always all about me-though I think it is.  Oops. Sorry.  I am going to writing a few new series or stories or articles, oh, pawticles maybe? No, though sounds odd.

The first group of stories will be done with the help of my friends at PetConnect Rescue, Potomac, MD, called "Friday's Friend."  I will be writing about one of my friends, a dog or a cat who needs a good home.  My friends at PetConnect Rescue will be introducing me to the critter and I'll write about them.  I hope you will enjoy the series.

Since I still don't have a drivers license, I have to depend on email for this part, but, as I can get the info., I will be writing a history background, maybe with photos, about different rescue groups.

The first Friday's Friend will happen this week- feature I cute cat I'd like to chase down the street, er, let you meet!!

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