Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Winter Coat

Me in my Winter Coat
I had a great New Year's weekend with my Dad and Mom.  

As usual, Dad spent a good part, not enough in my opinion, but a good part of his weekend walking me.   Yesterday, he decided we'd check out another trail in the area that was much further than he thought, as in close to 3 miles or more.  We got home and he was ready for a nap but had too many chores to do and was not happy when I wanted to play fetch.  I let him sit down- what more does he want?

I really don't care for this time of year-it's cold, downright freezing.  And, Dad makes me wear this silly red coat.  I feel ridiculous although I have gotten some looks from some really hot babes along the way, er, lady dogs.  

Dad bought me the winter coat at Wylie Wagg when he noticed that I shiver in the cold.  I was supervising his snow shoveling work when he noticed. I didn't want to go inside because I needed to be sure he did it right (like I know what he was doing).  And, then comes the coat.  He tried a few hideous ones that made me look like an old geezer- all I needed was a lit pipe!

Ok, so I am warmer with it than without.  So far, he doesn't want me to wear other costumes so I'm keeping my muzzle shut.  At least I don't have to dress like Dad does when we go for a walk- he looks like a misplaced Eskimo!

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