Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday's Friend - Operation Paws for Homes

Happy Friday!!  We've got a wintry mix falling this morning in Northern Virginia- so I'll probably curl up in a warm blankey and snooze away!  And, of course, store up plenty of energy to share with my human later.

I have a new friend from Operation Paws For Homes to introduce to you today. Meet Haylow.......

A guardian angel in the form of a kind stranger found Haylow and brought her to
Operation Paws For Homes.  Now, she’s hoping that she’ll find herself in every rescue dog’s vision of cloud nine: a loving home where she can shower her family with all the affection her little Pit heart can radiate. Which is quite a lot, as she has continually proves in her foster home! Bliss has taken the form of a comfy bed, some toys to play with, and everlasting cuddling!

Haylow has been a perfect angel in training, showing a quick wit and an eagerness to learn. She’s got gold marks in crate-training, house-training, basic commands such as “sit” (and just a heartbeat away from knowing “down” and “wait” too!) She’s just a pup at 1-2 years old, but she’s a perfect playmate to her foster brothers and sisters, and especially enjoys a rambunctious game of tug-of-war…ah, heaven! Second only to cozying up next to a warm somebody special, though. Snuggling is at the top of Haylow’s good-things-in-life list; although shy at first, she establishes her level of comfort pretty quickly, and her sweetness is positively radiant! This beauty will tug on your heartstrings the moment you meet her.

Haylow is up to date on shots, spayed and fostered in Arbutus, MD.  For information on visiting Haylow or adoption, please visit, Adoption Guide.

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