Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Help Two Dogs in Need?

This past week, my friend "Cat Lady" from PetConnect Rescue brought to my attention two dogs they are caring for which need extensive medical help.

Cat Lady tells me "Every so often, an animal that comes into PetConnect Rescue's care which has a serious medical condition that may require surgery or extensive medical treatment. We never want to make a decision about whether a particular animal will live or die because it has been hurt, injured in the past or born with a defect. Your generosity ensures that we never will."

I'd like to tell you about Eliza (WOW! isn't she beautiful!? er, excuse me please!), a one year old rescued from a rural WV kill shelter. Although her shelter days are behind her, this sweet Basset Hound/Retriever mix is fighting a battle of another kind!

Eliza was recently diagnosed with "Ectopic Ureter", which causes urinary incontinence. A diagnosis and treatment plan has been determined, but what is needed are funds to pay for her surgery. Her surgery will cost $3,000. PetConnect Rescue doesn't want a dollar figure to determine if this fabulous girl is going to be able to lead the life she deserves.

Bradley, a 1 year old Lab mix, came to us from a rural NC kill shelter. When he  arrived, it was quickly noticed that he had a severe limp. The x-rays at the vet revealed an old injury probably from being hit by a car and the wound healed improperly. Poor guy's been walking around in pain for a long time! The bones grinding together when he walks causing unimaginable pain, yet he still manages to greet people with a smile and a wagging tail!!

 In order to alleviate Bradley's pain, he will require FHO surgery (Femoral Head Ostectomy), which will cost $500, plus post surgical expenses. We want this loving boy to live his life free of pain!

In order for Eliza and Bradley to lead the lives they deserve, PetConnect Rescue needs your help. Your donation is tax-deductible and will make a difference!

And you know, any money they raise beyond the estimated amount needed for Bradley and Eliza, will go into their critical care fund for the next animal that comes to PetConnect with a need for extensive medical treatment.

Visit their website, for further instructions on donating via Paypal or by check, or you can use the ChipIn for Eliza and Bradley link.

I know some of my human friends don't like to donate online through a website.  If you'd like to mail a check to support, please make it payable to PetConnect Rescue and mail it to:

PetConnect Rescue
PO BOX 60714
Potomac, Md 20859

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