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Pet Sitting Business

Pet Sitting Business :10 Tips On What To Do And How?

Let me come straight with a fact: There are more households with dogs (43%) than with children (38%) in United States. Passion for pets, and that too especially for dogs, is a well known fact. If you are looking to convert this passion of yours into a flourishing business that would make you deal with your best friend (dog) and weigh up your pocket too, starting your Pet sitting and caring business would be the best idea. Here are 10 basic and important tips for you that will make your business a vital one among the competitors:

1. Start small: You would have cared for and lived with a pet of years and done A to Z of all that’s required from its breeding to keeping. Do not make your self-confidence and skill punch back you hard. Try with giving pet sitting services to a smaller and limited no. of people, as that would help you deal with the daily intricacies of the pet care world. Professional caring for the local clients in your vicinity at first will help you to build upon. Initially you can work out of your home or can give your sitting service at the owner’s homes. For away pet-sitting, you don’t have to necessarily buy anything for the pets because it is usually assumed that the pet owners will provide the food or money for their food cost in their absence. Also Start-up costs very low for a sitting business, so it would help you to make a stand for your business.

2. Get help and advice: Even though you know every bits-and-pieces of pet sitting, but for starting business, you will need the help and guidance from adults and if you plan to provide your sitting service for pets overnight you shall take permission of an adult to run that. Even if you show your responsibility, knowledge and skills at handling all types of animals, potential clients love to ensure that a responsible adult is there with you to help in case of an emergency. You might also require your own parent’s permission first hand because this business requires, at times, to have pets come to your house to stay.

3. Research before starting: Advertising is the most important thing when it comes to market your business to increase your client base and expanding your business. Get a comprehensive knowledge of what kind of competitors you have in your area, their services, clientele, charges and USPs. Keep your rates neither too high nor too low as that impacts your business in the longer run. Learn what type of legalities your state authority require from you to let you start your business like a signed veterinary release form for taking other's ill or injured pet to veterinary hospital.

4. Build a brand: People love to associate and deal with a group or organizing, rather than with an unknown entity. Give your business/company a unique but a catchy title. Building a logo and tag line would help you to market your USP in a better way. Getting an online address is a must for any type of business nowadays. It makes your customers to know more about every detail, service features, area of service and charges at their own comfort and helps them to contact you easily.

5. Networking: Pets are taken care as family members by their owners and similar care is asked by the customers looking for pet sitting. Getting someone who recommends your business to the probable customers would surely generate more business leads for you. Contact trainers, shelter staff, groomers, vets, volunteers, and other known pet sitters in your local area to build upon your identity. Sometimes, competitors refer clients to your service when they are unable to provide their service to them, or might outsource their service to you to their visits whenever they are out of town or gets overbooked. Offering referral charges or bonuses, to clients who refer business to you, will help you to attain more such referred clients.

6. Privacy Protection: Privacy comes as the prime concern for every business owner as well as customers. Do not drive-through your customer’s driveway with pet-sitting or pet-caring advertisement magnet hoards on your car sides, because it will alert the burglars that your client is not at home. Setting up a post office box and separate contact number for business use rather than putting your house address and personal contact number on your business cards, web address or advertising materials puts you to increased personal threat.

7. Joining a pet-sitting and caring group or organization: Becoming a member of organizations such as National Association of Professional Pet Sitters or Pet Sitters International will help you to land yourself among hundreds of other Pet-sitting business owners and makes you to analyze your business stand among your competitions. It also offers you to engage in chats, discussion about pet caring. It will also help you to gain from experience of other users.

8. Be Organized: To become a successful pet sitter you have to know and do more than just more than just feeding, watering and walking animals. Explore and learn about animals, tips on how to be more interactive and playful with them. Do get to know and differentiate between friendly and welcoming ones, and the shy and protective ones. Volunteering at an animal shelter or veterinarian's office would be great idea to acquire some hands-on training. And get to know the animal and develop a checklist for its owner to fill out listing all of the vital information about that pet which will help you to avoid trouble.

9. Do not rely too much on the staff: As it is your own business, then it should be your sole responsibility to look over and command each and every procedure of the work going on. Do imbibe a healthy relation with your staff and instill confidence in them. But keep track of each and every animal and the corresponding caring that animal is receiving.

10. Feedback from the clients: Never ever forget this golden rule that implies to every business of any kind. Give your customers full details, confidence and satisfaction about your organization and business before forging a deal with them that never leaves them in any doubt. Try to get feedback of every little activity after providing your Pet Sitting Services to their pets which will help you in developing your service features and skills.

About the Author: Marie Safel is a professional writer, specializing in business and work relationships, that focuses mainly on Pet Sitting Business. I enjoy helping people as a copywriter and marketer and always excited to learning about different niche industries. I do write articles, scripts, books and other materials for clients.

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