Sunday, February 3, 2013

Our Sympathies to Barney's Parents

I'm a bit sad this morning as I read in the news, the loss of a great dog.  One that has had some prominence in our country and a loving affect on many humans. And, many of my fellow canines will be howling today as they learn the news.

It is great sadness, that I extend my heartfelt sympathy to Former President and Mrs. George W. Bush on the loss of their dog Barney.  When Barney lived in Washington DC at the White House, he had a job most of us would be overwhelmed with, but he did it with pride and servitude, as do most Presidential dogs, and that's keeping the Presidential family happy. He was often found guarding the White House lawn much like a Secret Service agent would, he loved going fishing with the former President, and greeting many dignitaries from around the world making every dog proud!

Barney kept the President and First Lady from stressing out too much in those moments where he was probably ready to do so.  On the ranch, he was a fierce armadillo hunter.

A TWO PAW SALUTE!  A HOWL!!!  And, a BARK!!! for Barney to thank him for serving our country well. RUFF!! RUFF!!

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