Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday's Friends - Ambassador Pit Bull Rescue

In case you can't tell already, this is one of my favorite posts to write each week, "Friday's Friends."  I was concerned this week that I might miss it as my crazy human got into something and his face swelled up really bad.  I had to take care of him all week!!  And, I do a great job as he is on the mends- "paws of attention" do wonders for humans!!!!

My first friend to introduce to you this week is from Ambassador Pit Bulls.  Meet Admiral!
Photo supplied by Ambassador Pit Bull Rescue
Oh my goodness!!  My friend Admiral was found tied to a tree, underweight, with a broken femur and severe atrophy! A good Samaritan untied him and took him to the shelter where he quickly became a staff favorite! How cool is that!? 

Despite the fact that people have not been kind to him in the past, he still loves everyone he meets. He seeks out affection and loves nothing more than to snuggle up next to someone to soak up some love.

He has some special needs. After FHO surgery to repair his femur, and it was determined that this is an old injury. So, Admiral needs some continuing physical therapy to try to regain the use of his leg. He is very tolerant of his exercises.

Understandably, Admiral has some separation anxiety so he'll need a family that is patient with him while he learns that he will never be abandoned again!!

If you are looking for an adoring companion, Admiral just might be the dog for you!...  For adoption or more information, please go to, Ambassador Pit Bull Rescue.

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