Tuesday, August 20, 2013

An Update on Tasha's Tribute

A few weeks ago, on August 3, I shared with you a tribute to a dog named Tasha, today, I would like to share an update with you-

Dear Family and My Dear Friends,

Today, Wednesday, 14 August 2013, Miss Tasha found her 'forever slumber'. After having been diagnosed with Stage 5 Lymphoma in January and being given 4-8 weeks to live, we began steroid therapy which took effect almost immediately. We enjoyed 7 months of remission - during which we lived life to its fullest every day.

Tasha and I had a professional photographer come over for a photo shoot one afternoon that produced some 'classic' Tasha photos and a lovely tribute CD done by the photographer. We also got 'published' in his blog "From the Dogs Paw"
 on August 3, 2013.

Tasha and I took a road trip and were able to visit with Grandpa for a couple of days and just had a nice time in the country. We had several cookie baking parties, sleepovers and meet ups with old friends and new.

The cancer came back with a force…Monday, she stopped eating; Tuesday, her face and throat swelled, although she started eating again; Wednesday, she was still eating fairly well but clearly not happy and unable to get up or walk very well.  The look in her eyes told me she was tired and didn't want to be forcibly immobile as her body had made her.

She went gratefully and peacefully with the help of Dr. D. and Vet Tech, Chelsea. I was with her the entire time.

I will dearly miss her - I already do.  She was my soulmate if anyone ever was and she will be with me forever.

Rest easy, sweet Tasha,

The hard times are through.
You're on your way to a better place
& I will always be with you.
Julie K. 

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