Monday, August 19, 2013

Product Review - Entirely Pets

I am so excited! I received a package in the mail from Entirely Pets- quite to my surprise but I think my human may have known something about it- anyway, it was two packages of Virbac’s C.E.T. Home Dental Care Chews for Dogs from Entirely Pets!
"Virbac's C.E.T. Home Dental Care
Chews for Dogs"

Credit: Allen Pearson, 2013

Dental Care is extremely important part of caring for your dog and cat. My human takes me to the vet to have a Dental exam and a cleaning. Sometimes he has the groomer clean my teeth too- depends on what I’ve gotten into!! Being a Labrador Retreiver /Plott Hound, I’m just like a teenager where I put everything that smells good, looks interesting and might taste good in my mouth- that sometimes can leave something on my beautiful pearly whites that I use to scare the dickens out of just about anyone who is annoying- so they gotta stay barkingly clean, sharp and perfect!

The one thing I have to Bark about is these things are supposed to freshen my breath, keep me smiling and less stinky smell- kind of embarrassing to get this package and treats in front of my buds- what if “she” was here and saw this- will have to bark to my human about being more discreet. But, since it helps, I’ll keep chewing them so my breath will smell great for my ladies and the humans too, I guess.

Dad tells me the story of a prior cat they got at 11 years old. Later in years, he went from a sweetie to a grouchy in no time all –Dad thought it was just the cat in him because he’s not used to cats and was a tad nervous around them. Mom and Dad took him to the vet for a check-up and they learned he needed dental work done. Once it was finished, he was back to being a sweety. If my humans had had him all his life, this would have been avoided with proper dental care by the vet and now, by the treats Virbac’s C.E.T. Home Dental Care Chews which they make for cats too.

"Me Chewing a Chew!!"
Credit: Allen Pearson, 2013
A few cons I found were they chews are small for a big dog so you should have your human keep an eye on you while you munch.  Also, they are made in Mexico and I am mentioning this, just so you know!

These chews can be ordered from Entirely Pets which is an online store run by Veterinarians- though that scares me some I pawed my way to the website, keeping an eye out for a vet with a needle! And, now I understand what my human means when he says a website is user-friendly. I love the ease of finding what you want- I found toys, treats, healthy food, information on diseases (with products on the page to help!) and so much cool stuff for pets- The website is so easy to use, even a cat could do it! PAWS TO YOU- Entirely Pets!!

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My human was not compensated for this post while I was given some cool treats by C.E.T. to maintain my teeth and good breath, brilliant smile and handsome face- what can I bark!! All product review barks, opinions and woofs belong to me and my human at all times!

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