Saturday, August 17, 2013

Friday's Friend - Lab Rescue of the L.R.C.P.

My crazy human, he mowed the lawn which was pretty high since he's been on business lately and hasn't had the time- laid down on the couch afterwards and as I expected, fell asleep.  I tried to wake him so I could write, but no avail.

Barkingly, I want to share my visit with the Lab Rescue of the L.R.C. P. today- My friend from the Lab Rescue of the L.R.C.P., Inc. introduced me to a cool dog dude this week!  MARLEY!!

Credit: Lab Rescue of the L.R.C.P., Inc.

 Marley gets along with dogs as he is living with two others at his foster home. He shares his toys and likes to relax close to the other dogs! Marley even met a cat at the vet’s office and he showed little to no interest.

Marley loves most toys and will pick out soft toys to chew! He likes to bounce a tennis ball around and chase them though the activity is limited due to torn ACLs. His surgery is scheduled soon so until then, Marley’s happy to go for short walks and snooze on his foster mom's lap!

Marley will need a family which is willing to help him build the strength in his muscles after his surgery. Though Marley is eight years old, he's got energy to play.

After his recovery, he would like the chance to go for longer walks and would would enjoy the company of another dog -but does not need one. Most importantly, Marley would love someone to be gentle with him and give him lots of love. He shows his love by snuggling and giving lots of kisses. 
Marley is house trained and understands if his new family has to leave for work. Lab Rescue will pay for Marley’s surgery and it will be completed in the Baltimore MD area.

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