Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Four Top Grooming Tips for Your Pet

Grooming is an important aspect of responsible pet ownership. It makes our pets look, feel and smell clean! By following the steps provided, setting a routine and attending consistently to your furry friends grooming needs, your pet’s will look and feel their best all year round.

Brushing your pet is a very important part of the grooming routine. Frequent brushing keeps your pets coat shinny and tangle free. However different coat types need different kinds of combs and brushes. Depending on how much hair your dog has, you can keep them looking their best with a variety of brush types such as the Grip soft Bristle Brush or the Grip soft Slicker Brush. The Grip soft Flea Comb, with its durable design and soft rubber hand grip, is suitable for the coats of both cats and dogs and is an ideal grooming tool for the removal of fleas and flea eggs. Remember that long haired breeds will require more frequent brushing than short haired breeds and always be gentle when brushing.

Bathing is a great way to get your pet and keep your pet squeaky clean. Although many pets may find bath time unpleasant, it should become a regular part of your pet's grooming regime. Use shampoos designed for pets to prevent skin irritations and remember to brush your pet's coat prior to shampooing to remove any loose fur and tangles. This will prevent additional tangles forming which can be painful to comb out. Rinse them thoroughly and when drying, use a towel and move in the direction of the hair to prevent tangling. Be careful not to bathe them too frequently though or their skin will be stripped of natural oils which help keep their coats in top condition.

Clipping your dog’s nails is an essential part of the grooming process and should be done on a routine basis as long nails can lead to many problems for both cats and dogs. Starting when a pet is young allows them to become accustomed to having their paws manipulated. However if your pet hasn’t experienced regular grooming from a young age, practice handling their paws a few times first so they become comfortable before you commence clipping. Ensure your pets are relaxed before you start. Use Grip soft Cat Nail Clippers or Grip soft Dog Nail Clippers in an appropriate size for your pet. Clip the claw a small amount at a time and be careful not to clip too far.

Dental Care
To ensure your pet has healthy teeth and gums and is free from bad breath try Dentipet Toothpaste for cats and dogs. This odourless and edible beef flavoured toothpaste cleans teeth, reduces plaque, kills oral bacteria and freshens your pet’s breath. Use Dent pet Toothpaste as part of your regular grooming regime as clean teeth not only equal better health but less expensive and extensive annual cleanings at the vet.

Mark Perry is a dedicated veterinarian for Canada Vet with over 20 years experience. A farm boy born and breed, Dr Perry loves all animals but he has a special place in his heart for working animals, particularly working dogs and horses.

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