Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday's Friend - PetConnect Rescue

My friend, "Cat Lady," from PetConnect Rescue introduced me to a pawsome looking cat- 

Credit: PetConnect Rescue
Used by Permission
When I first saw the picture of this cat, and I still do, I thought "Wow!" what an incredible looking cat- very cool indeed (BARK!! please do tell my dog buddies!!)  I can see why they named her Diamond.

Diamond is a beautiful, very special cat looking for a special, loving home. Sadly, Diamond came from a place where she was neglected! Though a sweet cat, she's never had a proper family to show her affection and love. 

Credit: PetConnect Rescue,Used by Permission
When she arrived at PetConnect Rescue, her right cornea was completely covered with a painful ulcer. Diamond is feeling better now, but her eye is scarred and has a slightly different appearance. She is hesitant around new people but just needs time to warm up and feel safe. Once she knows you, Diamond will chatter and purr, and roll around to express her affection. 

Diamond is stunningly gorgeous lady!! She will reward you, if you will only given the chance! 

She is healthy, spayed and up-to-date medically. 

For more information, please click PetConnect Rescue - Adoption and fill out their online application. Someone will contact you.

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