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Fenced In By Love 2014

A PetConnect Rescue Dog"
(C) Allen Pearson
All Rights Reserved
 WOOF!!! I’m Noah and I want to share my story to nominate PetConnect Rescue, of Potomac, Maryland, for the Fenced In By Love 2014 Organization of the Year Award!

Why? You see, years ago I became lost and began wondering the hills of North Carolina. Through no fault of my own, I could not find my humans again. I began living off the land, getting my food from various means and finding water in streams and puddles. I would sleep under bushes, bridges, in clefs, anywhere I thought I could be safe long enough to get some rest. Though I spent quite awhile trekking looking for my way back home we got separated- permanently.

Then, one day, while I was getting some food, a man caught me. He put a leash around me and took me to a shelter. I was terrified. There were dogs and cats and other critters everywhere. They were barking and meowing and howling- I didn’t know what to do.

"A PetConnect Rescue Puppy"
(C) Allen Pearson, All Rights Reserved
I learned that I was now living in a high-kill shelter. Am not sure what that means but it can’t be good as I know I kill to eat and survive but what does one of these places do? One good thing is that I get food, water and shelter without having to hunt it for myself. I try to put it out of my mind.

I've heard some of the other animals here have been found by their humans so I am hoping so much that will happen to me.

I notice around me that some of my friends are disappearing and not coming back. I thought maybe they went out to read the latest Pee Mail or use the facilities but that seemed to be taking quite a long time for the them to do- it was then, that I learned they would never be coming back- high-kill shelter means you don’t stay around here for very long before someone, well, does something mean to you! Really mean and for no reason at all- except that I got LOST!

Then, I notice. This lady is looking at me. I heard someone say she was from “PetConnect Rescue, Potomac, Maryland,” not sure what a rescue is, much less a Potomac Maryland, I ask around and my buddies tell me it’s a good thing. The lady looks me over, seems to be checking my temperament, I hear discussion about whether I’d make a good pet, I grin really big hoping she’d get the hint. I hear her ask the attendant if I was friendly so I wag my tail as hard as I can.

She takes me with her…… and she’s pretty……..
"Rex - PetConnect Rescue"
(C) Allen Pearson, All Rights Reserved
PetConnect Rescue, in conjunction with Pilots N Paws, takes me to Potomac, Maryland where they gave me a physical and a really good going over before putting me up for adoption. I’m looking so good I want to adopt myself!!

Several people come by and visit me but I’m not impressed, they aren’t for me. Then, one day, this skinny goofy looking guy comes by with his wife to visit me. I like her, she’s great but I’ll have to work on him. They decide to adopt me! I’m going home at last!

At my new home, I’m given food, water, treats and a crate to call my own room! I’m loving this! And, I have two humans who can use a dogs love!

Why do I nominate PetConnect Rescue? They rescue dogs and cats, keeping
"A Cat - PetConnect Rescue"
(C) All Rights Reserved
them from being put to sleep. Their work came at a time when a family needed a companion for some rough times ahead in their lives. I’ve seen PetConnect Rescue extend the arm of love to cats who were displaced by uncaring humans or had gotten lost. And, they've helped countless dogs find their way to the perfect humans for them, much like they did me.

While the goofy skinny guy and I photograph and blog for several animal rescue groups and we love every one of them, I selected PetConnect Rescue to write about because they rescued me –Noah- and I have been able to help a human with his health issues surprise his doctors with successes previously labeled unlikely to happen!!

This is a true story with only a few additives!

Disclaimer: I am pawing this post as invited by Fenced in By Love 2014- opinions, paws, barks, are my own. 

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