Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Product Review - Sleepypod Click-It 3 Point Safety Harness

Barkingly pawtant is being safe in your human's vehicle!  And, as barkingly pawtant is your human being safe in the vehicle with you!  Why am I barking about this?

According the the American Automobile Association (AAA), many humans and dogs love to travel together whether on vacation or errands or just a fun trip around town!  The idea is fun, but it can be dangerous and even turn out disaster!

"Me wearing a Sleepypod Click-It
3 Point Safety Harness"
(C) Allen Pearson, All Rights Reserved
When I first met my humans, I was so happy I could hardly stand myself!! I wanted to be next to them whenever I could and wherever we went.   I made one huge mistake several times which got my humans attention- it was climbing in the front seat while they were driving down the highway during a Washington D.C. rush hour!  Not good! Washington D.C. rush hour is crazy with tons of traffic!!

I quickly became a distraction to humans which could have resulted in a serious accident.  While pulling together my thoughts for this post, I learned there are many distractions on the road and we dogs do not need to add to it.

Did you know that an unrestrained 80 lb. dog in a car crash exerts 2400 lbs. of pressure against whatever it hits?  Pawingly, that doesn't bark well for the humans nor the dog! Not only that, the dog could get loose and run away frightened-

Sleepypod contacted me and asked me to test their Click-It 3 Point Safety Harness.  Not only did I look really cool with it on- but it was really easy for my human to put on me- that's important to him!  The Harness comes with straps that your human can attach to the frame of the car like you would a baby car seat!! Very safe product for me and my humans.

Now for the disclaimer:  Opinions expressed here are mine!  I was given the Sleepypod Click-It 3 Point Safety Harness to test and asked my opinion- which is always honest!

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