Saturday, January 3, 2015

Grandma and Grandpa

Pawsingly embarrassed that I haven't written much lately. It's was a long and crazy 2014!!!  WOOF!!

First in March, my grandfather had a nasty accident. He fell and hit his head on a concrete surface curb. He had no idea how he fell and neither does my human. Dad and I went out to the hospital after the accident to be with him. He had a severe head injury, so he had to be moved to the Head Trauma Unit at another hospital. They barked about the hospital being for humans, but I showed them my sweet smile, then snuck in to visit with grandpa!  AND, grandpa would get better much faster if he was surrounded by dogs!  WOOF!!!

After a week or so in the trauma unit, he  was taken to a rehabilitation center to get stronger and steadier on his feet. Howling odd, he was being admitted at the same time my Grandmother was being released to come to my house. My mom human kissed grandpa on the head when she saw him being admitted and sent the entire center staff in a tizzy.  Everyone wanted to know why mom was kissing grandpa!  I wanted to go lick him but it didn't work out.

At home, Hospice was delivering items for my grandmother who had been ill with cancer for awhile came to stay with us. I didn't quite know what to think because she arrived with her own bed, toilet and these rolling things that I didn't like at all. I don't know what they are called but I learned later that she uses one to walk and one to ride around in. I didn't like the walker thing so I barked at it quite a bit and growled too- which surprised mom because I don't bark much at all.

Not too long after that, my gramps, Mom's Dad, got ill and was admitted to the hospital. Later mom said she had to run around in circles like a crazy woman. Never have I seen a human run in circles- that was fun to watch. Now, the score is one parent in rehabilitation center, one at home and one in a hospital across town.

My Mom's Dad has gotten better and he has gone back to his place.  Mom checks on him weekly.  He has friends who see him daily or check on him.

So you can see why I haven't written much, besides "Friday's Friend" columns each week!  I have been barkingly busy!  WOOF!!!!!!

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