Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Grandma's A Stinker!

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Woof! Maybe I should change the title of this post, but I am not a bit happy with my grandmother.

When grandma moved in with us under the excellent care of my mom human and Capital Caring, I began my duties of watching over her too.

I had assumed my duties quite well from the start.  Watch grandma. Let her pet me.  Watch grandma. Let her pet me. Watch grandma. Let her pet me.  Watch grandma. Let her pet me.  You get the idea.

(C) Ben Garney
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It was a dark and stormy night- oops, that's Snoopy's line, it was a dark night and grandma had just moved in.  She was sleeping the family room by my couch.

I took to my favorite chair for my night's rest- I love to curl up in it- perfect size and everything.  And, it's at the head of grandma's bed where I have a bull's eye view of her.  And mom was sleeping in the couch next to her.

This particular night, Grandma decided to get up out of bed to go to the bathroom.  Now, mind you, I'm here, and mom is here.  Mom is lying right next to her! But, grandma doesn't ask for help.  I watch her move around in the bed and sit up.

What is she doing?  And, what is she thinking? She gets up.  I raise my head and look.  And stare.  She is trying to get up without mom's help who is sleeping on the couch next to her!!!

I jump into action- got stop her!  Gently and quietly, I gather her hands in my mouth- as a hound would do with his prey.  I set her back down on the bed.  She is safe and I am happy.  I bark loud twice and mom falls off the couch- oops- that was funny-  Mom lectures grandma about getting up by herself.

They take care of the things that need taking care of and my mom gives me a hug and some loving.  Dad hears the news the next day and is so proud of me he tells everyone about it.   WOOF!!!!!!!!

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