Tuesday, March 10, 2015

I Got Myself In Trouble- Dog ID Tags

woof! And my human is making me paw about it so I care share lessons learned! bark!   My humans aren't happy with what I did- but it wasn't totally my fault! arf!

It was a warm sunny Saturday.  Dad had gone to share with his friend about marriage.  Dad's not a marriage counselor, but he's been married awhile and knows enough to share with someone contemplating proposing to his girlfriend.  No, he wasn't trying to stop him!  Dad loves being married to mom.  He just wanted his friend to be sure and think out what he was doing!  WOOF!!!!

Later in the morning, Mom let me out back to do my business.  Well, I got to sniffing around the backyard.  I found one of the scents that every hound would follow to the end because it smelled so absolutely delicious that I had to find it.  Well, I kept going and going and going and, well, going.   Next thing I knew, a police man opened the door to his car to let me in.

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IT WAS GREAT!! WOOF!!!!! but he wouldn't turn on the siren for me.  Uh oh.  He calls my humans to let them know he has me.  Uh, now he's taking me back home. arf! uh oh! woof?

The policeman lets me out of the car and I go running for Mom- I want to know if I can do it again- but the policeman talks to Mom for a few minutes about the laws and dogs.

She explained that we always abide by the law. We have a fenced in yard so I'm not allowed to run free, I have ID tags and am always leashed when away from home.

Fortunately for me, I did not end up in the shelter or the pound or anything nor did anything bad happen.  I got to meet a great policeman who was wonderful and did an excellent job in caring for me.

The blessing in this for me, said the policeman, is that I have ID tag on my collar which has my name, address and phone number on it.  Also, I have a round tag attached to the collar with information on it.  The officer said he can't count the number of times dogs have been picked up without ID.  Sad, but true.


for your great work!!

My humans and I appreciate it!!


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