Monday, March 16, 2015

Walking the Dog

"Going for a Walk"
(C) Allen Pearson, All Rights Reserved
I should title this, "Walking the Human!"  WOOF!!

We finally got some warm weather after several weeks of near zero temperatures, ice and snowstorms! It's difficult, if not impossible, to get my human out when it's snowing or icy, add really low temps and it becomes dangerous.  He and I developed cabin fever as we went through these last few weeks.

So, today, I get my human out- he'll say he took me out. So, we went out on a long refreshing walk.  So, pawcellent!! So, barkingly grand to get out of the house. WOOF!!

This time, I did really well remembering my manners.  My human and I have this way of walking that's probably different than most dog walkers.  Dad got to know the breeds that create me, "Noah, the greatest hound dog".  He found out after talking and getting opinions from my veterinarian, being familiar with other breeds, studying my habits and straits, but, ultimately, while on a photo shoot for a pet rescue.

Once he learned that I am mostly Plott Hound and Black Labrador Retriever, he did some studying on the internet and several books to learn my habits.  Once he learned my habits, he incorporated them into our walks.

As a Plott Hound, I LOVE to sniff and sniff and sniff some more- I am curious to the world around me and I am one smart dog. I catch onto tricks easily and am always needing to use my mind to keep learning, and well, out of trouble. WOOF!

When we walk, Dad has me go ahead of him so he can see me and I get to sniff and look and be curious 'til my hearts delight but never out of sight or in the way of someone else.  If he sees someone coming, he'll pull my leash in so I am closer to him. He keeps an eye on me to keep me out of trouble and I help him get exercise.

We make a great team! WOOF!!

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