Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Police, Fire and Rescue, EMT... many others.... THANK YOU!

While my human was listening to a local radio station this week, he heard a news story about a young lady who realized after hearing about the shooting of two police officer in New York City while having lunch in their patrol car and on duty protecting the lives of the city, she needed to say "Thank You" to the officers for their work. The short of the story is that she made hundreds of thank you cards for the New York police and the police in her hometown.

When my human told me about this, I decided I had to not only thank the Police, but all of the Emergency Humans that help all of us- even us dogs as evidenced by my issues a few weeks ago! WOOF!!!!

Bark!  Also, last Christmas, when a neighbors house caught fire, and we went to see if we could help, I never saw so many fire engines!  So THANK YOU!

Credit: Flickr Creative Commons, Cliff
Credit: Flickr Creative Commons, Elvert Barnes
Credit: Flickr Creative Commons, Elvert Barnes

Credit: Flickr Creative Common, Jason Lawrence

Credit: Flickr Creative Commons, Arlington County, ACPD-K9 Unit

These are a representative of the many men and women who work every day fulfilling many duties to help us in many various situations- EVERY DAY!


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