Monday, March 2, 2015

My Grandma and Grandpa

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The day began quietly.  More so than normal. I have to paw that there was an unusual quiet and air about the house.  It was almost like God was letting his light shine in the room.

It began simply enough, early in the day. Grandma seemed to be having some trouble being comfortable.  My humans did what they knew to do and thought was best.

Dad was behaving very strange. Stranger than normal. We had made plans to go shopping together and hit a few parks for photography and just walking!  For some reason, he couldn't get himself started.  He would get stuff together and get distracted.  Start again and get distracted.  Then, he'd ask Mom if she wanted him to stay here since Grandma was acting funny.

Used by permission, GraphicStock
She didn't need him to stay, so he tried to get together and go again.  No success, so he went off to do some things and put off our trip.

All of a sudden, Mom yells to Dad, "Do you want to be here! C'mon! NOW!!"  I went running with Dad.  We sat down beside Mom.

Grandma went home with Jesus that morning. She was smiling as she left.  Mom and Dad were holding hands and I snuggled between them.  I pawed grandma as I loved her and taking care of her.  It was a beautiful moment.

Not long after, my humans got a call from the hospital where Dad's Dad has been staying.  They've got some bad news but plan to visit the hospital in the morning after getting some rest.  Been a very long day for them.

The next morning my humans rush out to the hospital.  They want to take me but the hospital won't allow me in the unit where grandpa is staying so I wait.

After a very long day, my humans come home and let me know Grandpa will be staying with us for awhile.  Hospice care has been invited to help us.

Grandpa moved in with us a few days after my grandma passed away.  I picked up my duties once again, right where I left off.  Grandpa was really quiet and he enjoyed petting me.  I love having him home with me.

Grandpa and I enjoyed a great time together too- before he went home with Jesus too, just 12 days after Grandma went.

Now, the house is back to somewhat normal.  I miss my grandparents but I have had my paws full with caring for my humans!  WOOF!!!!!!

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