Thursday, May 14, 2015

Drinking Water!

With dogs and cats, or all forms of life for that matter, clean drinking water is imperitive for them.  Each time you feed your dog or cat, you should change the drinking water, if not more frequent.  WOOF!!

In most cases, tap water from the faucet will work fine for your dog or cat but not all of them.  Me, for one.

A few years ago now, my humans took me to the veterinarian as I was constantly scratching.  Enough so, that I began to wear a red spot on my skin.  The veterinarian, bless her ever loving heart, gave me medications to clear up the spot and recommended an allergy medication.

Unfortunately, I kept scratching but not as bad as before.  Pawviously, dad doesn't want me to be scratching at all.  So, back to the vet we went. The veterinarian, bless her ever loving heart, prescribed a vitamin which would be good for my coat and skin.  So, off we went to try this.

Not much change. Still scratching.  My coat looks great, my skin feels like skin does! Thanks to the vitamins- but I still itched. WOOF!!!

My human reads quite a bit about dogs. SOMETIMES he learns something that he'll try with me as long as there are no risks involved.  This one was about drinking water.

Apparently, there is a Black Labrador Retriever, beautiful handsome dogs -aren't they, who had the same problem I did. The human discovered that by giving the dog "bottled water" it solved the itching problem.

My human changed my drinking water to bottled water and it worked for me too.   Within a short period, my itching stopped.


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