Friday, June 17, 2016

Dog Adoption for a Special Needs Dog! Looking for A Forever Home!

Last week, I received an email about a dog needing a "Forever Home." He is a very special character with special needs so he's going to need a special human.   Mine is taken because I have to keep him and he is one of those challenges, you know!  So, I wanted to share with you Joey- who I just met over the weekend.

Since he is so special I wanted to share him with you in my weekly "Friday's Friend" column!!

(C) Destiny for Dogs
I pawed by email with a human name JoAnn who works with Destiny for Dogs, Inc. about their special needs guy, Joey.

A special needs guy, Joey is a physically healthy and happy 3-year old Corgi mix.   He is good on leash, loves to go for a ride, is house broken and crate trained.   Joey loves to play with toys and will share this nicely, isn't food aggressive either.

This loving character will melt your heart when you see the sweet buddy smile on his face.  I have to paw that his story will break your heart and bring tears to your eyes. arf.

Ms. JoAnn tells me, got a hanky?, "Joey's young life has not been happy. From being "dumped" at a shelter by his humans even after they were told that there was a chance he could be euthanized. Their response was, 'We don't care!' Destiny for Dogs witnessed this conversation and immediately rescued Joey."

"Joey was sent to a foster home where he stayed for a month. He was adopted to what was thought to be an awesome home with outstanding references. Barks, the mini-humans were unkind to Joey and he was removed and sent to a different foster who was amazing."
(C) Destiny for Dogs

JoAnn continues, "Once again, another adopter was found. He seemed to be adjusting well. She loved Joey and took him everywhere with her. Paws, this was disastrous for Joey."

"After these two terrible experiences, it was determined Joey needed further help!  WOOF!!  He was taken to Dr. Lisa Radosta,  Florida Veterinary Behavior Service, one of 69 board certified veterinarian behaviorist in the United States."

Woofly, Joey has a condition which may be compared to a child or an adult with autism.  He has no "off" switch so he continually wants to play! Barkingly, he is on Paxel, and blood pressure medicine to assist with his condition and he receives behavioral modification which is different than the training provided by a dog trainer/behaviorist. He is taught skills on how to cope with his condition which has shown improvement in him.

The Destiny for Dog's team, have been touched by Joey and love him! However, none of their foster homes are suitable as they have multiple dogs.
(C) Destiny for Dogs
The pawfect home for Joey is quiet with no children or other pets. Paws, someone would need to commit to monitoring his medications to ensure he's chemically balanced and need to continue with his behavior modification training.

"A special dog and a special human would be a pawcellent combination!," says JoAnne. Destiny for Dogs has promised Joey he will not be harmed or neglected again. BARKS!!  Joey can never go into a boarding or a "No Kill Shelter" as both would be detrimental to his well being. He would be tormented and tortured being locked up day after day. Neither would be an option so the only other choice is to set Joey free and send him to "Rainbow Bridge" where he will be happy, healthy, whole and free of torment which is what he has experienced in his short life on earth.

Interested in meeting Joey and learning about dog adoption? Please contact JoAnn, at Destiny for Dogs or email or call (561) 313-2005

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