Monday, June 20, 2016

Happy Summer!

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Happy first day of Summer!  My human's favorite season as he loves the heat and all the things he can do outside.

Barkingly, this isn't the best season for me.  The heat can be too much for dogs and if you're not careful, it could even be dangerous for us.

When you are outside in the summer's heat, pay special attention to your dogs needs.  Be sure he's not getting too hot- if you think it's hot- your dog is REALLY hot!  Take him inside to an air conditioned area.

Walking in the summer can be particularly stressful.  My human takes me for our walks in the early morning or late evening to avoid the extreme heat of the day.

Be sure to keep plenty of water around.  When going on long walks or hikes carry bottles of water just for your dog!  Canteens for water which can be easily carried can be found at Pet Stores.

And, remember, never, ever leave your dog or cat in a closed car in the summer.  Even a car with windows open can heat up fast and become way too hot.  Leaving the car running with air conditioning on is a bad idea because the car could stall, the air conditioning could quit and newer cars don't always keep cool when the car isn't moving.

Dehydration and heat stroke can happen very quickly in the hot weather. Keep a close eye on your dog and cat.  Any concerns, contact your veterinarian immediately.

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