Friday, June 10, 2016

Friday's Friend! Cat Adoption, PetConnect Rescue

WOOF!! WOOF!! WOOF!!! BARKS!!!! WOOF! BARK!  And, you know what she said to me- "MEOW!  PURR!! HISS!!! MEOW! MEOW!"  that would be my friend "Cat Lady!"  I love catching up with her and learning about cats which need adoption.

This week, my friend "Cat Lady" brought two boys who are brothers and are looking to be adopted together!

(C) PetConnect Rescue
Max is a really cool, adorable, charming and handsome cat!  Do I get my treat now for saying all that mom?

He and his siblings (Lex, Lotus and Marigold) were born at the end of February.  Max is the complete package – playful, social, cute, and full of fun and has never found a toy he didn't love. Uh, that one's mine Max!  WOOF!!

Since he's a young sprat, Max will need a human adopter who is home most of the day.  He will need to be adopted with his brother Lotus- which I will paw about shortly!

Max is healthy, current on vaccinations, and is a barkingly, er, meowingly? pawsome gentleman when it comes to using his litterbox!

Meet Lex, Max's brother!  He's one cool black cat!

(C) PetConnect Rescue
Lex is a furry friend full of personality! He, and his sisters, were born at the end of February in a shelter.   PetConnect Rescue brought them to a foster home which is much more fun!

Lex enjoys snuggling with his foster mom, wrestling with the other cats and climbing the cat tree!

Lex has a great puur, according to him- you know, and loves to sit on a human's shoulder.  He is healthy and has started vaccinations.  Being the fun gentleman he is, he always use his litter box.

Lex would love to be adopted with his brother Lex!

A note from PetConnect Rescue, the adoption fee for each kitten is $135, which helps with the cost of routine vet care. This fee DOES NOT INCLUDE spay/neuter if the kitten is not already spayed/neutered. If the cat is not already spayed/neutered, you will be required to sign a contract legally obligating you to have the animal altered. A $100 spay/neuter deposit is collected to help ensure that the procedure gets done in a timely manner.

Meowingly, cats adopted through PetConnect Rescue must be indoor only, and may not be declawed (unless already declawed at the time of rescue).

If you would like to meet Max and Lex, please complete the PetConnect Rescue Adoption Appication.  Once submitted, an Adoption Coordinator will contact you!

Interested in learning more about cat adoption?  Please read the PetConnect Rescue Adoption Guide.

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