Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Product Review: Tru Dog "Treat Me" Crunchy Beef Delight!

WOOF!! WOOF!!! BARK!!!! BARK!! WOOF!! Oh my barkness!  These treats are pawsitively delicious!

The other night, I heard my human opening a bag.  I didn't pay much attention to it as I was comfortable on my pillow having had a full day, no need for me to motivate!! WOOF!!!  My thought was he's opening something for him so I'll ignore him.  BARK!

WOOF!  I got a wiff of something pawsitively delicious.  Didn't know what my human had opened!  My human had opened a bag of treats "Tru Dog Crunchy Beef Delight" Freeze-Dried Raw Super Treats for Dogs!

Paws, I nearly knocked my human down trying to get the treats!  To give you a contrast in comparison of getting treats, I pawsitively must let you know that I do NOT normally act this way with my human.  He's old, feeble, and 53 years old you know- I gotta be careful.   My instincts, the smells, got the best of me and YUM!!!!!! WOOF!!!!! BARKS!!!!!!!!!

Oh, and, my human feeds me great treats, some of the absolute best, that he buys online from a retailer met at a Pet Expo and at the local specialty pet store.  So, I know great treats when I taste them.  Now, I just have to persuade my human to buy more of these all the time so I can have these absolutely delicious treats.

WOOF!!! You got to try these-   TruDog Keeping It Real - TREAT ME- Crunchy Beef Delight!  Freeze-Dried Raw Super Treats for Dogs.  BARK!!!!

Photography by Allen Pearson

Disclaimer:  All barks and woofs are my own.  I was given a box of goodies to paw which I decided to share with you.  My human nor I were compensated for this post. 

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