Friday, January 20, 2017

Friday's Friend! Cat Adoption, The Humane Society of Loudoun County

(C) Humane Society of Loudoun County
BARKS! er, maybe Meow would be better!  My friend at the Humane Society of Loudoun County brought by two friends for you to meet this week!  Bomber and Tracker!  These characters can be adopted separately or together should you want- MEOW!

Meet Bomber! A sweetheart of a cat- he loves to be near his humans- he'll occasionally give himself a bath while keeping your lap warm!  He really loves snuggling with humans and keeping them warm and toasty!

Bomber does have a cat-titude too! He occasionally loves his independence and wants his own space. A cat-thing you know!

Bomber pawsitively loves hanging out with his harem of foster sisters! Way to go buddy!  WOOF!!! They like to hang out together in front of the fireplace every evening!  He is even a pawsome gentleman as he lets the girls have the comfy cat bed while he sleeps on the floor!

If you are looking for a sweet, friendly, pawsome, and sometimes independent cat to adopt and keep you company- consider Bomber!

If you are interested in adopting Bomber and learning more about cat adoption, please contact the Humane Society of Loudoun County.

And, you've got to meet Tracker-  must be my pawsome day to meet grand and handsome black animals- as Tracker is one of those handsome black cats-

(C) Humane Society of Loudoun County
Tacker pawsitively loves being a lap kitty!

Tracker had a bit of a difficult bit of time as he may have been lost or dumped by his humans.  When he found by Loudoun Humane volunteers, he had a few health challenges.  The volunteer saved his life!

Since he's been at a foster home, he is doing great.  He's gaining weight and his fur growing back where it to be cut out.  MEOW!!! barks.

Barkingly, thanks to the volunteers, he is healthy and ready to look for humans to love and a "Forever Home!"  He hopes to find someone who will enjoy pawlenty of snuggles on their laps!

Tracker prefers to be your one and only cat.  He doesn't like other cats.

Interested in adopting Tracker and learning more about cat adoption, please contact the Humane Society of Loudoun County.

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