Monday, January 9, 2017

National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

WOOF! Today, I paws to say "Thank You" to all the Law Enforcement canines and humans who work diligently everyday to protect us all from harm. BARKS!  

A few years ago, I got to sniffing a scent. It was a great scent. I'll never forget that scent. WOOF!  Barkingly, I got so wrapped up in following it that I ended up out of my yard. Paws, next thing I knew a pawsome Fairfax County Police Officer stopped and picked me up.  At first, I thought I was going to jail.  arf.

The officer was so cool.  I got a tour of the neighborhood and then taken home to my humans.  I loved every minute of my ride.  Though, my humans did not like it nor appreciate their son being brought home by the police, they were very grateful to the officer who brought me home.

Law enforcement officers do a myriad of jobs to enforce the law, they learn a bazillion skills to find out who did a crime, they do quite a bit to help the victims of crimes, they are worth their weight in gold, or in my case, the bestest dog treats money can buy!

With all the negative news about police officers in the news, and the good they do isn't shared nearly enough, I want to bark a huge and loud-


Now living in Prince William County, I wave my paw in nose in salute whenever I see a police officer go by.  I hope they have an awesome day and know that I love them dearly and appreciate all the hard work they do everyday protecting humans and dogs and cats and well, keeping the community safe! WOOF!! BARK!!!

The Concerns of Police Survivors purpose is to provide peer support to law enforcement survivors through emotional support, to aid survivors in understanding the judicial process, and provide information about appropriate services which may exist within the local community.  To learn more about the organization, please visit, Concerns of Police Survivors!

Used by Permission, Concerns of Police Survivors

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