Monday, January 2, 2017

Noah's Houndisms: Purses and Backpacks and Miscellaneous Bags

My human carries a small backpack and gym bag- phew! don't even go near that one, my mom carries a purse, children carry book bags, and sports bags and the groceries come in plastic bags.

Did you know your human scent is on the bags you carry regularly like purses, backpacks and book bags? WOOF! Yup.  The scent adds to the curiosity of your dog and cat to inspect it-

If you set your purse, backpacks or other bags on the floor where the dog and can get into it, is it dog and cat proof?

Paws, be sure bags with medications, cough drops, candies, makeup, and any other items which have your scent or a good smell to them are zipped or buttoned up so your dog doesn't get into something he shouldn't!

Used by Permission, GraphicStock

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