Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Book Product Review: I'm Not A Scaredy-Cat A Prayer for When You Wish You Were Brave by Max Lucado

"I'm Not A Scaredy Cat -
A Prayer for When You Wish You Were Brave"

(C) Max Lucado,
One of my human's favorite writers, Max Lucado, wrote an excellent new book for mini-humans! It is a fun read for mini-humans and their parents.

"I'm Not A Scaredy Cat A Prayer for When You Wish You Were Brave" features a pawsome cat who is big and strong.... except when... which take mini-humans through various situations where the cat isn't so brave. Instead of running and hiding or away from his fears, he prays to God for courage.

Sometimes mini-humans may be strong and full of life until something frightens them. The book was written to teach mini-humans how to be brave when they are afraid.  The cat reminds mini-humans throughout the book, "God is near, and loves them."

While reading the book, I realized the adult humans could learn a lesson from it too. Always remember to pray whether afraid, going through life's struggles, or feel a need to reach for someone to comfort you. God is always there.

To purchase a copy, pawlease visit, Amazon: Max Lucado. I'm Not Scaredy A Cat A Prayer For When You Wish You Were Brave.

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