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How Adopting A Dog Can Positively Affect Your Family

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Dogs have been trained for centuries and are now one of the most beloved animals. They are loyal, protective, and truly man’s best friend. You have the option to buy a dog from the pet store, or you can adopt a dog. Adopting is cheaper, and is usually of rescued dogs that are in danger or need of a home. Saving a dog will not only help them, but it will improve many aspects of your own life as well. Having a dog in the family makes it a complete and very joyful household. If you are considering buying a puppy or you are not completely convinced yet, then the following reasons will tell you how adopting a dog can positively affect your family.

Increased physical exercise
If your family is not into a lot of physical activities, then you may be harming your bodies more than you realize. Having a dog means having to take it out for walks, play with it, and physically care for it. Nearly all of the chores that come with owning a dog are physically active ones. Caring for a dog all day will help you burn extra calories without actually having to break into a sweat or undergo a strenuous workout.
(C) Allen Pearson, All Rights Reserved

Increased positive atmosphere
Puppies are known to be hyperactive and perpetually happy. Research shows that staying around positive energy will help boost your mood and increase your overall productivity. Hence, adopting a dog will create better vibes and better moods around the house. Your pet will work as a stress reliever, and you’ll also find yourself sleeping better when you engage in positive behavior, so you’ll find yourself better rested than ever.

Teaches compassion
If you have young children and you want to teach them compassion, adopting a dog could be the best way to incorporate it into their lives. Give your kids the responsibility of feeding it, replacing the water dish, playing with it, keeping quiet while it is sleeping, and caring for it overall. Show them how it is done and let them practice it. Soon, they will be more responsible, they’ll have learned how to be compassionate, and they will have a new best friend.

Our surrounding has become a highly dangerous place. There are burglaries almost every other day. Instead of investing in a security system that costs a fortune, adopting a dog will help you stay safe. Dogs have a sixth sense, which means that if their master is ever about to be in any danger, they do all that is in their power to protect them. You will be safe around the house; you’ll be safe on the streets as well. Moreover, if anything ever happens to you, it will make sure to keep you in a safe place and inform your family. You will find yourself to be as safe around the dog as it will be around you.

Wrap up
It is important to treat your dog like a family member. Your puppy should be treated like your child, and it is important to fulfill all its needs. Remember, if you are having a hard time taking care of it, you can easily find a new owner for it instead of treating it unjustly.

About the Author:
Matt is an avid dog blogger and enthusiast. When he's not working on the Dog Dojo, you can find him exploring Australia.

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