Thursday, December 21, 2017

O' Christmas Tree!

(C) Allen Pearson
Some days, er, most days, I really wonder what my humans are thinking or doing or if they've flipped or lost their minds- especially Dad.  He asked me to come into the living room, where I like to sneak away and nap, to take my photo. Again. Of course, he's always taking my photo for some reason or another but I oblige him with the oppawtunity to photo my handsome and pawsome self once again! BARK.

"The Tree"
(C) Allen Pearson
Not sure what he's planning to do, since he's moved a table out of the way and all. He tells me, "blah .. .. blah ... blah ..blah ..blah. ..blah. ..! Blah... blah...blah....blah!" which loosely translated to human says, "we're going to put up the Christmas tree and some Christmas decorations! Want to help?" I look at him and go back to my space in front of the fireplace. It is snowing outside, all I want is my bed in front of the fireplace! WOOF!

What's next in my day, I often ask myself?! I see Dad and Mom moving boxes to the living room. A few minutes later, I hear boxes opening and all sorts of rustling of paper and bubble wrap noises coming from the room. I have to go back to see what they are doing and discover a tree in the room. A tree? A tree. A tree in the house? Yup. A tree in the house. Those humans! Am so tempted to inaugurate it but resisted as Dad gave me a look of "don't EVEN think about it!" WOOF! WOOF!! I don't understand why they are putting a tree in the house and won't let me use it- well, my human is, well, unique. I thought maybe it was going to be my "indoor" place to do my business. arf.

Barkingly, my curiosity is piqued at the boxes as I love cardboard boxes and shredding them to pieces. Or, stealing them when Dad isn't looking! I sniff a bit and find tons of paper and bubble wrap! TOYS ALL OVER THE PLACE!! BARKS! Dad keeps them away from me as he sees the look in my eye to take some stuff and run!

"Noah and First Snow of Season"
(C) Allen Pearson
The items in the boxes are taken out with care. Dad says they are Christmas ornaments dating back to when he was a child. Oh, my barks! I didn't know there were Christmas ornaments when he was a youngster- even trees were a new concept back then much less decorations. And, lights? No electricity either.  Barks.

Paws, some of the ornaments are really cool as they were hand-painted by grandmother. She was really talented. Wish I could have had more time with the woman who raised my Dad - a truly amazing woman she had to be!  A miracle-worker too! WOOFs!!  Other ornaments are old, really old, ancient, fossilizing and date back to when Dad was a brat. A younger brat that is.

I head outside to see the glorious first snow of the season.  It's covering everything in a nice white blanket. Maybe Dad and I will get out there and I can bury him again! WOOF! Don't tell him as I love to sneak up and tackle! Barks!

"Oh, Christmas Tree!"
(C) Allen Pearson
Mom and Dad have not had a tree in the house since they adopted me in 2009.  They always put up a ceramic tree on the TV Cabinet so the cat would not get into those really ancient Christmas ornaments. Barkingly, followed by several years of caring for their parents. WOOF! This is all new to me. WOOFs!

As they pulled out ornaments from the boxes, I hear the voices of happy memories of days gone by. Dad and Mom shared many things they did with their parents during the Christmas season. It was pawsome to hear Dad say "Mom made these" and "Dad did that" or Mom would say, "Mom and I would go here or there and do this" or "Dad did this at Christmas too!" I drift off to sleep while they continue working on decorating the house.  WOOF!

I have to paw, one thing I am proud about my humans. They are very careful to make sure they do not drop ornament hooks, glass ornaments, string, ribbons and other assorted items out of the way where I would not get hurt! And to double-check the area where they decorated for my safety! Barks. They are pawsome.

Paws, near the end of the day, I go into the living room to see what I can do to help them out!  Barkingly, they are just about done- talk about arriving just at the right time.

Barkingly, this isn't what I was intending at all.  Paws, and it's not a bit funny!  Merry Christmas!

"Noah Decorated for Christmas!"
(C) Allen Pearson

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