Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Waggish: Dogs Smiling for Dog Reasons by Gracie Cho and Melanie Monteiro

(C) Melanie Monteiro, Used by Permssion

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Remember my pawsome friend Melanie Monteiro? I reviewed her Dog CPR class this past spring? She and her friend Grace Chon combined their skills to produce a pawsomely funny book.

Ever wonder why dogs are smiling or appear to be laughing?  The book, "Waggish" features a range of joyous pooches from humble rescue dogs to world-famous Boo the Pomeranian, photographed by renowned animal photographer Grace Chon.

As you’ll see, Grace beautifully captures each dog’s sweet, playful expression, while Melanie wrote their innermost thoughts, matching each photo with a funny caption! WOOFs!

Need a gift for a dog lover? This would make a pawsome choice. 

Purchase your copy at Amazon: Waggish Dogs Smiling for Dog Reasons.

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