Friday, October 19, 2018

Friday's Friend! Dog Adoption, Operation Paws for Homes

Photo Credit: Operation Paws for Homes/Micheal Garth Photography
Creative: Allen Pearson

WOOF! WOOF! It's so pawsome to catch up with my friend "Miss Joanne" from Operation Paws for Homes! She moved far away and I haven't been able to bark or paw with her in a while! She brought by a pawsomely handsome fella for you to meet! Sears!
Photo Credit: Operation Paws for Homes
Creative: Allen Pearson

Sears is an active fella who is looking for an active human too, paws, be active with him! He can play by himself but loves to play with humans too. He's a master at fetch and tug-of-war!

Barkingly paws, Sears playing with my foster's kitty! Watch their video here! He is very careful with her since she's smaller than him. He is respectful of cats! He gets along with other dogs he's met too.

Though he's a young fella, around 1-year-old, Sears has his housetraining skills pawfected. He finds it a safe place and comfortable.

Sears has learned many basic commands and is a quick learner. He loves to learn tricks and commands, especially when followed by treats!

Barkingly, with proper introductions, Sears does well with humans. He's met mini-humans and loves them. Paws, a home with lots of mini-humans coming and going with lots of loud noises or unexpected activity wouldn't make me as comfortable as I need a quiet and calm environment.

If you would like to learn more about dog adoption, pawlease visit the Operation Paws for Homes Dog Adoption Guide.

Interested in meeting Sears or applying to adopt? Pawlease complete the Operation Paws for Homes Dog Adoption Application.

Barks! Do you love dogs, but, for whatever reason, are not able to adopt? Please consider supportingSears financially. Donations will assist with his care. Any extra funds will be used to assist other dogs at Operation Paws for Homes. Interested, please donate HERE!

Photo Credit: Operation Paws for Homes/Micheal Garth Photography
Creative: Allen Pearson

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