Thursday, October 18, 2018

Veterinary Technician Week, Oct. 15-19, 2018

"Veterinary Technicians at Ohana Veterinary Care, Bristow, VA"
(C) Welch Photography
Thank You Veterinary Technicians!

WOOF! BARKS! Maybe even a few growls here and there - though my human doesn't like it when I do that and fusses at me to stop - paws, I have to let you know my opinion about going to the Veterinarian! WOOF! 

I am blessed to have to mostest bestest Veterinarian Technicians ever! When I go over there for a physical examination or even another issue, they treat me like their friend. Barks, then, they ask me why I am there. A question I wonder myself but my human quickly answers! We talk a few minutes so they can confirm what medications I am taking, what food I eat, what exercises I am doing, and all about me that they'd ever want to know and then some! BARKS! 

I think these pawsome humans work much like a human's nurse would when they go to the doctor or the hospital. Barkingly, I have to admit, I think the Veterinary Technicians job is more rewarding! WOOF!

October 15 - 19 is Veterinary Technicians Week. I salute all the Veterinary Technicians who works so hard to help maintain the health of the animal's in their care! Barks and paws! 

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