Thursday, October 25, 2018

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

(C) Noah and Samson!
WOOF! MEOW! Samson and I wish our pawsome parents a most "Happy 22nd Anniversary!" We love you so much! We love that you adopted both of us, taught us how to live in a human's home and to get along like a good dog and cat! Meow, I think we did most of the work Noah! Paws, probably, but I want to thank them for all they have done since there are pawlenty of dogs and cats without homes or humans to love them.

Mom and Dad drove a long distance to meet both Samson and I. I was staying in Potomac, Maryland which is not nearly as far as Samson.... he was in Annapolis, but several years later. Mom and Dad treat us like part of the family, not just a dog and cat they got from rescues. They are the bestest humans!

MEOW! I'll say they are- I was scared to death! I had lost my "Forever Home" for reasons I don't know! I found myself in a strange home with humans who turned out to be really nice but I was still scared. No sooner did I start to settle a bit, though I kinda thought I wouldn't be there long, I was taken Mom and Dad's house. I recognized her and Dad from their visit. They gave me a pawsome home and pawlenty of time to relax and unwind. Now, I curl up with Mom every morning and evening for belly rubs and lots of snuggling! Purr, am still not too sure about Dad but I love him because he did not object to me being adopted and coming to live with them.

Barks! I was a little scared too but since they adopted me from a rescue who got me from a shelter off of some list I don't understand, I am really thankful! I was a stray who had to learn about human life! If it makes you feel any better Samson, I have NEVER been certain about Dad either. Barks!

We couldn't let a pawsome date like this go by without wishing them many more days of love and happiness.  BARK! MEOW!

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