Friday, December 31, 2021

A Barks and Meowy New Year! Happy 2022!

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

“This is one of my favorite times of year Samson and Abby! We celebrate a New Year and make some New Year’s Resolutions to change some bad habits or to try and reach a few goals.”

“Purr, since I am beyond pawfection, I have no bad habits nor do I need to reach any goals. I am CAT! I am pawfect! I meow! I hiss! I purr! Therefore I am!! MEOW!”  

“Paws, no one is pawfect! WOOF! And everyone, including humans, should have goals to aim for whether it’s exercising, learning a new skill, reading that novel you’ve been wanting to for the past 100 years. It’s fun and makes you a better dog, cat, or human when you reach these goals. 

I resolve to take my human on more walks in 2022. He got a little plump during these past few months! Not good- the belly is opening the doors again. We will aim high on our walks and do it!” 

“Meow, I get it! I resolve that I WILL GET to drink my human’s entire glass of milk before he realizes I have done it! It WILL happen! MEOWS!” 

“WOOF! I am pawlanning to take my human on more car rides with the windows and moonroof open and music blaring really loud. I’ll get the attention of that pretty Rotty yet! WOOF! 

“MEOW! I resolve to cuddle up on Mom’s lap making her stay home from work and abandon all else to pet me and scratch my belly ALL DAY!”  

“WOOF! I resolve to get my humans to take more vacations! Pawssibly to see all the pawsome dogs statues in various cities created to memorialize the barkingly great dogs who have done great tasks of some sort for humans! I haven’t seen any of them! BARKS!”  

“Meow, I resolve to train the humans to JUMP at my every MEOW!” Hiss! Not sure why they haven’t caught on yet!” 

“Barks, I am going to take my human on more railfanning day trips. Barkingly, I am going to learn more about the railroads so maybe I can understand what is it that fascinates the guy so much watching these huge trains go through towns, cities, and the countryside. WOOF!”  

“Meow, I am going to learn to go for car rides with you and Dad so I can have fun watching trains and going all over the universe! Purrs! That will be fun!” 

“Woof, that’s a great one Samson, I hope you get to do it. You might be able to join us on vacations too, who knows?! Barks.  

“Our bestest barks and meows for a blessed 2022!” 

(C) 2021, from The Dog's Paw!

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