Saturday, December 4, 2021

Tips for Christmas Decorating with Dogs and Cats!

Photo by from Pexels
"Christmas Decorations"
Photo by from Pexels

Oh, my barkness! I thought my humans, or least Dad, was going a bit off the edge- again- this past Saturday. He and mom assembled what turned out to be a tree. I wanted to inaugurate it to the property but Dad kept looking at me funny so I didn’t! The tree was placed in the front room and many boxes surrounded it. Barkingly, what a beautiful tree it turned out to be! For many years, my humans put up a ceramic tree on the TV cabinet, which diligently served its purpose of celebration and keeping the cat from swatting ornaments. It was beautiful with its lights brightening the days and nights.

During the Christmas season. It’s pawsitively impawtant to pay pawticularly close attention to your fine furry friends and their pawssible antics with Christmas decorations and the like. The glitter, the shininess, the cute, and the clever will do their best laying there on the floor or even hung on the tree to get the attention of your beloved pet so you must be a bit wiser to prevent problems!

My humans have some old ornaments, some really old ornaments, some ancient ornaments, and those which have gone into fossilization as they were new when my human was just a young sprat! These variety of ornaments were in boxes, wrapped in paper, or bubble-wrap stuff, which are fun toys for me. Behaving was not something I can do around those toys. My human knew this because as I snuck closer to these items, he kept them away as they hold glass and plastic which could harm me.

Having recently read a story about a cat swallowing a piece of string and having major surgery to remove it, reminded me to share with humans to keep ribbons and accessories out of reach. Harmless as they may seem, my cat friend learned differently!

If you enjoy live plants around the house, be careful to place poinsettias, holly, mistletoe, and the like out of reach! These plants can be poisonous to your pet. My humans use fabric-like plants so he can enjoy the color and doesn’t have to worry about me! Of course, I might still knock off the plant and get dirt everywhere. BARKs!

Barkingly, my advice for the safety of us all, do not use edible Christmas decorations on the tree. We are curious enough about the tree without having the incentive of food smells which can be incredibly delicious making us want to explore the tree even more. Paws, if my human did that, I would go after the food and lay there until I was done and look at him- “gee Dad, that was delicious… more please!”

If you use a live Christmas tree, keep the area free of pine needles. Though seemingly harmless, if ingested, they could cause intestinal blockage and who knows what gaseous moments they could cause- who wants an evacuation during a Christmas party?!

WOOFS! Instead of a live Christmas tree, or even an artificial one, a product we just learned about is decorative wall decals! These simply go on the wall pawsitively easier than decorating a Christmas tree. Barkingly, there are no messes from pine needles and no vacuuming. After the Christmas season, remove the tree off the wall, not taking it apart and re-boxing. 

If you burn candles in your home, place them high up on mantles or other places where curious noses and excited wagging tails can not knock them over. Sometimes I get so excited to see my Uncle Ed that my tail wags fast and furious all things in the way are, well, no longer in the way- BARK!

When decorating our tree, I never saw light bulbs on a string look so tempting to play with before. They move across the room, here and there, there and here, and it was hard not to play with them. Now, if I were a cat, I can only imagine how difficult it could be to not play with and pull and maybe chew these cords. Then, get an electrical shock which could be very unhealthy, to say in polite company, for the cat. And the dog too. Keep cords away from pets by taping them against a wall or cover them with those cord cover things. Better safe than sorry.

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