Wednesday, December 1, 2021

A Dog's Life in the Country: A Visit to the River

(C) 2021, Margie Harlow
"Abby at the River"
(C) 2021, Margie Holmes 

WOOFS! BARKS! WOOFS! I am pawsitively LOVING living in the country! My mostest favorite pawrt is having my friends Max, Mojo, and Carly around all the time. We have so much fun running the fence, playing and running in my backyard, and WOOFS playing in all of our front yards too!

(C) 2021, Margie Harlow
"Max and Abby"
(C) 2021, Margie Holmes 
Yesterday, I got a humongous pawsomely grand surprise from Max's Mom, "Miss Margie!" I had the mostest pawleasant time walking my human when I was greeted by her near the end of it. She was taking Max to the river to romp and play and invited me to go along. I was so surprised when Dad said "YES!" I could go with them. I think he wanted a few hours of quiet! Barks. Arf?

WOOF! I was so excited! I jumped in the pickup truck right next to Max! I did my best to behave myself like Dad asked but it was so challenging to do that. There was so much to take in as we drove along the curvy two-lane country roads. The beautiful trees, the houses, the cars, pawlenty of things to see!

Barkingly, I sat and waited and tried to be on my bestestest behavior ever because I paws and hope Miss Margie will take me again and again and, well, again! WOOFS!

We turned off the main road by this really cool looking store-type pawlace. I'll have to paw this so that I can get Dad to bring me over here and pawssibly do some shopping! Barks. 

WE ARRIVE! WOOF! I tear out of the car with my buddy Max and look at all the water. I jump in and realize I may have made a mistake and jump back out! WOOF! Barks. 

Barks! Max and I ran all over the pawlace! We climbed over rocks, we ran along the river, we chased each other! We had an hour of doggie fun like nobody's business! I got soaked and soaked some more! Woofs! 

I can't thank Miss Margie enough for taking me along with Max to the river! I love country life!

(C) 2021, Margie Harlow
"Max Shakes Off the Water!"
(C) 2021, Margie Holmes 

(C) 2021, from The Dog's Paw!

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