Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Meet an Author- Ms. Martha Steward

"Martha Steward"

When my human is at work, I love to use his Forester and go to the local bookstore, Barks & Nobles –I think?!! This time, I had the greatest surprise! I got the opportunity to meet an Author, Ms. Martha Steward. She was at a table signing her book, “Darby’s Story-The Life of an Adopted Dog”. Of course, I had to go up and chat with her for a few minutes since she wrote a book that touches the background of my life too. I told her I was a Pawthor of this blog.  

In her books, she teaches children how to adopt and take care of a rescued dog. She shows how great it can be bringing a dog into your home too. My human can vouch for that as well. 
"Darby;s Story, The Life of An Adopted Dog"
As we were talking, I wanted to get to know her further so I could share it with you. She graduated from college Pacific Union College with a B.S. Major in Business and a Minor in Legal Research. Currently, she works for her family business researching global market trends and current legal events. Her son served in Iraq, so I’m giving him a high 4-Paw salute, who is now dealing with PTSD. He will always be in my prayers as well as my humans.

What I find most exciting about Martha is she loves to talk about her life on the family farm, “the animals come from rescues, displaced homes, and adoptions. I designed my own edible garden in the backyard grow my own veggies from artichokes to zucchini’s ..... currently raising a gosling (baby goose) in the house,” she says.

Another passion of Martha’s is supporting literacy groups for children and adults. “March 2012 Read Across America” An annual book tour discovering wonderful animal stories and inspiring persons making a difference for young readers.

Martha has written two books, “Darby's Story” and “Bangle Bear” which inspire pet adoption through the pages. Each book is a MCA Silver recipient for Best Books in Pet and Animal Care. The books go through the process of finding the pet best suitable for your family and address the benefit of spaying and neutering your beloved pets. (OUCH!!) Each animal sets an example of blended family issues, the different personalities and their likes and dislikes. The stories are warm and funny, families will laugh at the conversation the pet have and the outrageous ways cats teach her human pets. On a special note these books help children with family members serving our country and the concerns for deployment.
"Bangle Bear - The Tale of a Tailless Cat"

She has invited me to meet and interview the star of the book, “Darby”. This will be fun. I will have his one-on-one interview with him tomorrow, Wednesday, July, 25, 2012. I am excited as I have never met a star before. 

Oh, I have to mention, here’s two places you can buy Martha’s books, at two cool websites, Amazon, and at Smashwords.

Now, remember, I will be interviewing Darby, the star of Martha's book, tomorrow and Thursday, July 26, 2012.  Going to be an exciting two days!!!  RUFF!!


Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

thank you for the wonderful background information on Martha!

We have never met her in "pawson" but have met her through the BlogPaws community.

We are honored to also be reviewing both of her books, one on Cat Chat (date to be determined) and the other on Dakota's Blog (Dakota's Den) also date to be determined!!

Great feature!

Allen Pearson said...

You're welcome. Our pleasure to feature her this week. Will be looking for your reviews!!