Saturday, July 28, 2012

Bonding with my Human

What a great morning I had today!!  I got to go the Green Team at church with my human.  I haven't been able to go the last two weeks because of rain and really hot temperatures.   The heat isn't very fun for a guy like me because the sun just radiates off my fur.  My fur becomes hot to my humans touch.  My human carries a canteen with a bowl plus some bottled water for me so I can stay hydrated.  Every few minutes or so, my human gives me a bowl of water to drink.

And, he NEVER, EVER, EVER, leaves me in the car unattended or with just the windows rolled down.  A dog in a car with the windows down can be a tragedy.  My human has his lunch in the car and knows it can be stiflingly hot.  Imagine being in a fur coat too!!!   

While he is working, I supervise to make sure he gets all of the weeds pulled and makes it look great for the Sunday Worship Services.   I get to supervise from the comfort of shade of a tree or even the church.    

The other thing I love about the Green Team is this:

But, don't tell on him- eveyone needs a break once in awhile and the chance to pet me. 

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