Thursday, July 26, 2012

Meet Darby of "Darby- The Story of An Adopted Dog, Interview 2

My interview with Darby, star of the book, "Darby- the Story of an Adopted Dog" continues today.  Before I chat with Darby for a bit, in case you missed it, you can purchase the books by his human at Amazon, and at Smashwords.

BARK! !  Here we go, so Darby,

Q.          Tell me about the book. What’s it like to be the star or main character of a book?
Twas the year my young master, signed up for the Marines. After fourteens years of being best friends, the young boy had grown up to be a young man. My mussel was gray, my muscles and bones ached from old age. The Lady, Martha Steward was not pleased with her son's decision. The tears and emotions ran through out the house. Martha and I would hug each other and cry for the uncertainty of what life would give us.

The day came the men in blue uniforms arrived to escort my boy, now a man to boot camp. That summer just a day after his 19th birthday my boy was gone, would be over three months before I see him again. Martha and I spent that summer together providing each other support. He graduated from boot camp and was home for while, before going to his training for his MOS.

O the house celebrated for his return. Martha arranged for his friends to come and visit we enjoyed his stay. Being a bit older I was loved by my boy. We shared our moments until the day he left for training. Months went by and my health got worse, I was an old dog. At the age of 15 there not much a deaf and blind dog can do.

The following spring, in the month of May, I feel really ill. My time was coming to an end. My boy was not home to say good by for the last time. My boy was readying for deployment to Iraq. I passed away with Martha by my side, she loved me so much. To honor 15 years of love and devotion, Martha wrote my story to celebrate me and my boy.

Q:           If there’s one thing you’d like humans to take away after reading this book, what would that be?
The reader will discover their own message from the book. There not just one message, the feed back has been inspiring to create a second, Bangle Bear the Tale of the Tailless Cat.

Q:           If you could leave an impression, not related to the book,
everyone’s life in the entire universe, human, dog and yes, even cats, what 
would that be?
Love and be loved. Even in the most uncertain moments of life the love shines 
through. You will find the love, be respected for the being you are and share 
those tender moments.

The book sounds great and your character in it is even more exciting.  Thank 
you for the opportunity to meet you and have this interview.   And, thank you 
Ms. Steward for the opportunities you provided.  

"Darby's Story- The Life of An Adopted Dog"
Amazon, and at Smashwords


Bethany Lee said...

Aww, I so love Darby and I don't know what it is but I get so caught up in stories of dogs who love their masters. I love when writers anthropomorphosize (sp??) their pets. I do it too. :-)

Allen Pearson said...

Darby is really a cool dog- a great example for others!! My human and I have a great time together- after a few years, I finally have him trained 'cept he won't get me my own Google Account. Thanks for commenting about my interview with Darby.