Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Meet Darby of "Darby- The Story of An Adopted Dog, Interview 1


Yesterday, I wrote about meeting the author, Martha Steward, writer of Darby’s. She invited me to interview Darby so I can share some of his story with you. I’ve interviewed him.

It’s with great “BARK!!!” that I introduce you to Darby, the star of “Darby- the Story of An Adopted Dog”. This is part 1 of a 2 day interview!

Q:     When, where were you born? Tell me about your parents. What did
          they do for a living? 

Tucson Arizona is where my life began. My mother was a young pup, her owners did not think about spaying her until it was too late. I am not sure who my father was, story has it he jumped the fence cause my mom was a sweet young of a pup and he was a bit older than her.

Q:      Tell me about your childhood. 

Well, was not good, after my litter mates and I were old enough, my owners sold us or gave a way to people who really were not suitable to take care of a puppy. I was left alone with no real sense of being needed, so I started digging and chewing on everything. The new master's at the time blamed me and hurt me for the damage I caused. I just thought it kept me amused, I had no intentions of causing problems. I was just a puppy needing love, guidance, and a good chewy toy. Well, the next thing I knew I was in a cage at the local pound. I might have been about 4 months old. I was so scared and afraid. I watched daily the other dogs coming and going, some did not return at all.

A few days maybe a week, I was picked up and placed in foster care. I had a vet visit one day, and when I woke up I felt different, the Veterinarian had neutered me. You know over the years I felt good about the surgery. I was not looking for problems. Life was easier for me.

My foster parents, where nice people and I was feed and taught to “sit”, “stay” and “come”. I learned to play with humans. I learned in a kind way not to dig or chew. The foster parents provided a chew toy so my teeth stayed clean. However, I never felt I was home. About every two weeks or so, I would go to an adoption event. I was placed in a crate throughout the car ride, then at the event would wait for strangers to visit with me. Then, only to return back to the house. Months went by, and Christmas was coming. My Christmas wish, a family maybe with a young boy would provide me with a forever home.

Q:      The last adoption day of the year, tell me about the experience. How
           your life changed yet again. 

About a dozen dogs were brought into the pet store that last event of the year. This was it, a week before Christmas. The handlers organized and decided which would go first, and be walked around to show off their talents. My cage was set in the back and I waited and waited to be brought out so I could show off. I could watch the front door of the store open each time a person arrived. The Handlers would greet each person and talk about pet adoption.

A Lady and her son, arrived, watching from my cage. She walked around the store visiting and chatting with the other dogs. I noticed the young boy patting the dogs, and hoped one of them would take notice of me. The event was only for a few hours and I had not been brought out to meet and greet the visitors. My heart was pounding for attention, please I am over here, come pay attention come here young boy. Barking was a big no, so I would only lay waiting for them to notice I was here waiting for them.

While the handler and the lady chatted, I overheard something about fenced big backyard, daily walks, and how they enjoy playing tennis. Tennis balls are my favorite! O Boy to me that family sounded good. So I watched and listened as much as I could.

The lady was kind to each dog, she made one remark about her dog requirements, a personality of gentle nature, easy going not a particular breed more about the character of the dog. That was me, Lady come here I am yours, take me home. I will play with tennis balls, go for daily walks and enjoy the fenced in backyard and best of all I have my own boy to keep company.

Then the moment happen, the lady was not satisfied with the dogs she meet, she looked my way, surprised that I was still in my cage. I remember her asking the handler if something was wrong with the dog. If possible she would like to meet me. The handler agreed. This was my moment to shine.

Once out of the cage, I was leashed and walked out to meet this Lady and her son. She placed her hand down so I could smell her and the boy did the same. They spoke to me, asked what my name is, Darby the hander said. A moment later, my head and back was being rubbed, a little shoulder message by the lady's hands. O my that felt good. The young boy and I stood next together, I could almost look into his eyes, he gave me a pat then a hug. I could not resist I gave him a big wet lick kiss across his cheek. We smiled and embraced the moment. I felt so good, I wanted to go home with them.

The Lady and the young boy, chatted about me and the responsibilities of being a good pet owner, brushing his husky coat, supplying plenty of water and feeding. And, most important, including the dog as a family member.

The moment was done, my Christmas wish had come true. I was heading to my new home, my forever home!

RUFF!!!! BARK!!  Great for Darby- tomorrow, I will be finishing this interview with Darby- he will be discussing a bit more about his family.

And, by the way, you can buy Martha’s books, at two cool websites, Amazon, and at Smashwords.  Not sure if they are available at Barks & Nobles or not- but is that the name of that store?


Anonymous said...

Wonderful interview Noah, so empowering will be sharing this post with others : )

Allen Pearson said...

Thank you!!! Wonderful to meet you and Darby.

O. Warfield said...

Please see that Darby gets the following message:

Hi Darby. I'm blue doberman pack leader Omar Blue. Me and my pack have started a town for us dogs only, K-9 Town, USA. Once you settle in at your new loving home maybe you'll come visit us. We have a ball but there's also some serious stuff going on. We're over at Your Pets Magazine in the Doggie Section telling a true tale about our naughty puppies right now and we hope to be back next month. I have a wonderful people Ma. We'll be back for the rest of your story too.