Saturday, July 7, 2012

Saturday's Success - Big Mike

A few weeks ago, my buddy "Big Bruno" sent me a video about a dog named Mike which he's taking care of and trying to find a Forever Home.  In case you missed it, which you shouldn't have because you're an avid reader of mine (right???), here's the link to the original post, Big's Bruno's Video.

He has sent me an update, it's got some good news and some sad news.  Grab a hankie or a tissue and sit back a few minutes to view this video.

Where's the success in this, you might be asking?  The opportunity to make an animals life better, the challenge of it, the chance to see a dog or cat smile or give you the loving eyes look is success.

I want to thank Big Bruno for his work with the dogs and for his work in producing these videos.  A few weeks or so ago, I featured an interview with him, here is a link to that post, Big Bruno's Interview.

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