Monday, July 23, 2012

July 23, 2012 is Bloggers Unite for Dog Rescue Day

Today, I think back to the days before I met my humans, before life was not as happy as it is now for me and for my humans.

For reasons I don’t know, I was given up, abandoned, and left to defend myself in the hills of North Carolina. Eventually, I was caught and ended up at what’s known as a kill-shelter which basically means I had a short time for someone to come to my rescue. There wasn’t anything I could do, but sit and wait- and of course, get a bit nervous as the time goes by.

A lady in Potomac, MD, got word of me, that I would make a great pet for someone, and she was right by the way, and worked out the logistics for me to go there. I took a helicopter ride, so cool watching the world go by from the sky, with PilotsNPaws ( to the Maryland area. The lady from PetConnect Rescue came and got me.

The humans who rescued me were great! I got cleaned up, some veterinary care, and a place to stay for awhile. After a few visits, a skinny human and his lovely wife came to visit. They took me home and we’ve lived “very happily-ever-after, ever since!!”

Not all dogs are as fortunate. Many dogs end up in shelters because they get adopted by humans who don’t understand the full responsibility of having someone like me around. So, when the humans realize it’s more than they can handle, they leave perfectly good dogs at the shelter which adds to an already overcrowded situation.

I understand that not everyone who loves dogs can adopt.  There are still many ways you can support or help out.  Check this list out:
  • Volunteer at a local shelter or rescue organization.  Take a dog for a walk and/or spend time with him- it’ll make a huge difference to the dog and you, too.  And, I’ll bet you get a smile and a doggie kiss or two out of it as well.
  • Foster a dog.  The shelters only have so much room.  By taking a dog into your home,  you may be saving that dog's life while teaching it some manners for its new humans and Forever Home.
  •  Donate food or  supplies into a collection box at your local pet food store or organize a fund raiser to help raise much needed money and supplies for a local shelter.
  • Spread the word that shelters need help.  It gets overwhelming at times for the humans and the dogs.
We dogs are really great to have around and can do great stuff- but sometimes we need the help of humans to get where we should be –in a home giving love and protection to our humans.


Anonymous said...

I just so enjoy reading Happy Ending Stories. What a treasure you all are : )

Anonymous said...

There is no valid, no legitimate excuse for buying a pet when, every day, thousands and thousands are "put-down' simply because nobody loved or wanted them. People need to remember that it is more important to save an animal's life than it is to buy something one can brag about. By the way, both my dogs are purebreds and BOTH are rescues.

Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

so glad to see so many pawticipating. We posted about Pilots N Paws on my dog's blog: Dakota's Den, I am commenting from my cat blog (Cat Chat)

We are also now your newest followers!

Allen Pearson said...

Yes, a happy ending. Thank you! We have quite a bit of fun together.

Allen Pearson said...

I couldn't resist participating. The rescue experience has been an excellent one for us. Am following you too.

Allen Pearson said...

Maybe we bloggers should write posts about specific shelters to give the public a better idea of what they are like and the dogs or cats you can find there. Many people don't realize the great pets they can find there or have these preconceived ideas that are incorrect. Thanks for your comment.

Beth said...

Pilots N Paws is such a neat organization! Its amazing what good hearted people can do :)

Allen Pearson said...

Yes, it is. I'm amazed at how much they do- I can't count the number of times a blogger has given them credit the past few days.