Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Noah Interviews Rufus from Alexandria Animals about Mardi Growl Gala

Pawthor and Pawditor
"From the Dog's Paw"
Hey Rufus!!! Great to meet you! My name is Noah, I’m the Pawthor of the blog, www.fromthedogspaw.com and assistant photographer. My human, Allen Pearson, is the editor and turns on the computer for me!!

Since you are Patrick Cole’s buddy, I want to interview you about some information about the Mardi Growl Gala coming up on March 8 which he sent to be posted on my blog- here’s a few questions for you-

Photo: www.alexandriaanimals.org

1. First, dog-to-dog, tell me about yourself.

"Thank you, Noah. I don’t like to brag, but I’m a pretty pawesome dog. I’m 2 years old and I know how to have a good time. I love being outdoors and exercising with human friends, so I’m in really good shape. But I’m not all brawn—I have brains too! I’m very clever and love solving puzzles and investigating. Sadly, I don’t have a permanent human like you but I’m searching high and low and know the right biped will come along soon. I’m currently enjoying living with my foster humans, but I’m really looking for someone who wants me by their side forever."

 2. Have you been to one of these Mardi Growl Gala’s? I hear our humans can be a bit crazy, what was it like?

"Let me tell you Noah, these humans are party animals! I’ve never been allowed to go to Mardi Growl because only service animals are allowed at these venues. I sort of resent that. I provide many valuable services. I make people laugh and smile, I provide companionship and emotional support, I can even lick clean every plate at the gala. But the rules aren't up to the League and frankly, with the way some of these humans dance I think I’d rather be snuggled up safely in my bed." 

3. What was the funniest costume?

 "From the pictures I've seen and the stories I've heard, the giant humans on stilts were pretty funny. I thought I had long legs, but these guys are so tall! And they’re constantly tossing out beads and cracking jokes. There was also the Animal Control Chief with purple hair. That’s all I need to see to keep me from running at large."

Photo: www.alexandriaanimals.org
4. Which one made you bark the loudest?

"I howled in approval of the Alexandria Town Crier. They say his voice booms so loud that when he speaks, all of Alexandria listens. I’m sure if he whistled all of us dogs would come running. He’s a great guy and supports the League, so he’s ok by me. I wonder if the Town Crier needs a four-legged companion? I also hear the MC for the evening is really nice as well. Her name is Alison Starling and sometimes I bark when I see her on TV on the ABC 7 news." 

5. Do you benefit from this event?

"Mardi Growl is great for us dogs. Many of my shelter friends have come and gone, which is a good thing. It means they've found forever humans. The funds raised at Mardi Growl helps the humans at the shelter find these matches for the dogs, the cats, and the small animals living at the shelter. As I mentioned earlier, I’m currently living in a foster home, so I personally benefit more than most. All of my delicious food and supplies are provided to my foster human by the League. My vet appointments, my toys—everything is taken care of. Of course my foster humans spoil me and buy me things, but that’s just because I’m such a good boy. Without the critical funds from Mardi Growl, the foster program might not be around and my life might be much different right now."

6. How does the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria benefit from the Mardi Growl Gala?

"Did you know the League offers Charm School to all new dog adopters? It’s great! I hope when I find my forever human, we’ll be able to go to Charm School and learn new tricks and commands. The Behavior and Training program at the League is excellent. I should know because the shelter is where I learned my manners and how to be a good dog. But there are so many other great programs that benefit from Mardi Growl. I enjoy meeting the kids that come by for volunteer activities and summer camp, and I’m proud to be microchipped and vaccinated thanks to the League. Some of my friends even had surgeries to repair broken bones and other ailments after they came to the shelter, and once they got healthy they were adopted. People feel sorry for dogs at the shelter but we’re actually very lucky. We have wonderful humans who care about us and love us for who we are, and they help find permanent homes." 

7. Are pets allowed…. Like dogs?

"The League is asking their guests to leave their pets safely at home. Mardi Growl is going to be noisy and there are going to be a lot of people dancing, eating, and enjoying themselves. This is an event for the animals but sometimes it’s best if dogs like you and I just sit back and let them do all the work. Plus, I don’t think we’re allowed in government buildings like the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The humans rave about what a nice building it is but I didn’t see one patch of grass or dog bed in the pictures they showed me."

8. How many bones to have to have to get in?? (how much does it cost?) 

 "$85 gets you a single ticket and all you can eat and drink. They’re serving “howlicane” beverages and all of the food is provided by Bittersweet. There is a live jazz band, caricature artists, stilt walkers, and more. Couples can get a discount and purchase a pair of tickets for $150. All of us dogs know life is better with a friend, so tell your human’s if they can’t take Man’s Best Friend, they can do the next best thing and take a date."

9. How do I get tickets?

"Tell your humans to turn on their computers and visit www.AlexandriaAnimals.org/MardiGrowl. Tickets are available online and can be purchased right now. The last two galas were sold-out events so tickets will go fast (not as fast as me.)"

10. When and where is it held?

"The Mardi Growl Gala is on Friday, March 8th from 7 to 10 PM. It’s being held in the glass atrium and auditorium of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Building in Alexandria. Humans can take the Metro, drive, or walk and the address and directions are available online."

Paws to you and Patrick for sponsoring this event!!

Photo: www.alexandriaanimals.org
3rd Annual Mardi Growl Gala 
Friday, March 8, 2013

7 PM to 10 PM 

Public Invited!! 

Tickets available: 

$85/single ticket or 
$150 for a pair 

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office 
Glass Atrium 
600 Dulany Street 
Alexandria, VA 22314

Proceeds benefit: 
Animal Welfare League of Alexandria 


Anonymous said...

Rufus interviews so well! As a shelter volunteer I would like to say that not only is this a great event, but Rufus is a great dog! I have walked him quite a few times and enjoyed spending time with him. I hope someone is impressed with his interview and takes him home :)

Allen Pearson said...

Yes, I do too- thanks for letting us know more about him. We hope to hear when he's adopted so we can celebrate!! Noah