Saturday, November 16, 2013

A Dog in Need of Help- Meet Jersey!!

Credit: PetConnect Rescue

About a week ago or so ago, one of my dog rescue friends at PetConnect Rescue introduced me to a young lady name Jersey who is in need of some help.

Her story is one of sad and good news. The sad news is that she found herself at a rural, high kill shelter through no fault of her own. PetConnect Rescue found her, brought her to the Washington D.C. Metro area and placed her in a loving foster home.

While being a “hound” one day (sounds like me) at her foster’s home, she explored the backyard only to discover a Copperhead snake. YIKES! WOOF!!! She was bitten which caused her to become lethargic and unable to walk due to horrible pain. Her face swelled!
"Jersey Resting"
Credit: PetConnect Rescue

Thanks to her foster’s quick thinking, she was rushed to the vet. Jersey required around-the clock care at a local veterinary hospital to stabilize her. Afterwards, she was returned to her foster home for observation and a bunch of TLC!!

Jersey is doing well. The swelling on her face has gone down some and she’s eating better. WOOF!!!! She will need follow-up vet appointments to monitor her progress.

PetConnect Rescue is trying to raise funds to help with her medical expenses. Thank you to the many wonderful supporters, over $4,900 has been raised- the last time I pawed to their page.

Jersey and dogs everywhere are grateful for your love and support of her!! If you would like to donate to Jersey's expenses, please visit Smothered in Love- HELP JERSEY!

*Please be assured that all funds raised that exceed Jersey’s personal medical care costs will be designated exclusively for our Critical Care Fund that will benefit other PetConnect Rescue animals who face similar urgent, even life-threatening, medical challenges.

"Thanks for Helping Me!" - Jersey
Credit: PetConnect Rescue

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