Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

Dear God,
As I lie at my humans feet
 while they celebrate Thanksgiving,
I think of the many reasons that I have to be thankful.
Thank you God for my humans,
they are really great to me-
Mom gives me some really great
belly rubs and ear scratches,
Dad and I take walks together 
and go for rides in his car he bought
for me instead of having a midlife crisis
and buying a sports car- whatever that is! WOOF!!
Thank you God for the food
my humans spend their hard earned money on 
so that I stay healthy.
Thank you God for the water
my humans give me- though I still don't
understand why my Dad doesn't 
want me drinking from ponds, puddles,
creeks and especially the big white water dishes
in his backyard- something about for the birds?
Thank you God for treats
my humans give me- 
they work hard to keep me healthy,
Thank you God for the 
toys my humans give me- 
they keep me busy...
Thank you God,
for the many rescue groups
and shelters,
who work tirelessly
to help animals like me
find homes 
and help lost ones
find their way back... 
without them,
so many of us would be homeless,
Thank you God for the blessings
I haven't barked
for making my life so
wonderfully blessed! 


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