Friday, November 29, 2013

Friday's Friend - Washington Humane Society

HAPPY FRIDAY- or should I say, Happy Black Friday- I hope you had a great Thanksgiving yesterday.  My friends at the Washington Humane Society have brought a friend by for you to meet!

Credit: Washington Humane Society
Giselle Ford, a Customer Care Associate at the Washington Humane Society told me "Snapple is a sweet guy. He deserves a great home because after becoming a true part of the WHS family and is ready to find a family of his own - a home where he can spend the many cat years he has left!!” says Giselle Ford, Customer Care Associate.

An 8 lb., Shorthair/Mix senior cat enjoys relaxing withhumans and is full of purrs and love!  He would make a good companion for another cat or be the only one!

Meet Snapple at our New York Avenue Adoption Center! 1201 New York Avenue, NE, Washington, DC 20002
(202) 576-6664 or visit Washington Humane Society Adoption for more information.  

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