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How To Successfully Raise A Kitten From A Cute Ball Of Fluff Into A Happy Cat

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Tiny kittens are adorable when they are small. They tear around like a whirling dervish, scrambling up the drapes and leaping across the furniture. Then just as quickly as it began, playtime ends and your cute little ball of fluff drops to the floor in a tired heap and falls asleep for an hour. Of course kittens don't stay like this for long and before long a cute kitten grows into an adult cat. So if you are planning on introducing a kitten into the family, how can you make the transition from kitten to cat as painless as possible?

Is a Cat the Right Pet for Your Family?

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Cats make great pets, but there is a big difference between a cute kitten and an adult cat with a personality all of his own. All cats are different and some are more affectionate and loving than others. It is important to be aware of this before taking a cat into your home because some cats prefer to live outdoors and stay aloof. But if you want a pet that is happy to be independent and doesn't require lots of attention and exercise, a cat is a good choice.

Essential Kitten Equipment

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Before bringing a new kitten home, make sure you have a few pieces of essential equipment to hand. Kittens should be kept indoors until they have had their inoculations, so you will need a litter tray and some cat litter. Kitten food is also essential—make sure you stick to the same brand the kitten has been weaned on to initially. If you want to switch to another brand of kitten food, do so slowly to avoid any digestive upset. Lastly, invest in some toys and a scratching post or your furniture will be fair game.

Kitten Health Care

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It is a good idea to take your new kitten for a health check once he has settled in. Your vet will be able to offer lots of helpful advice on such things as worming, inoculations and neutering, plus he or she will give your kitten a thorough check up to make it has no health problems. Once your kitten has been registered at the practice, you should be invited back to attend regular checkups, which is a good way of ensuring your kitten stays healthy.

Kittens and Small Children

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Kittens and small children are not incompatible, but you do need to be very careful when bringing a small kitten into the home if your children are age 5 and under. Kittens can be boisterous when they play. They also have very sharp claws, which hurt a lot if they scratch delicate skin. You also need to make sure your children understand that a kitten is not a toy. Kittens are fairly robust little creatures but a rough child can easily cause considerable damage to a small animal, which is the last thing anyone wants, not least the kitten.

Think very carefully before taking the decision to give a home to a kitten. Cats and kittens, like all pets, are for life, not just a few months until you get bored of them.
The author of this post is Mila Joseph, an employee at Pleasant Plains Animal Hospital in Staten Island, New York. Mila is a golf enthusiast and enjoys spending her weekends at the links.

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